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Small Hand Heater (5 cm x 7 cm)

Small in size. Fits perfectly into the hand. Can be placed in your glove or pocket. Relieves suffering from cold hands by warming up and stimulating blood circulation. The temperature of 54 degrees Celsius is optimum for heating up the human body. Therefore, even such a small compress put on the solar plexus or a kidney will warm up the whole body. It can also be used to warm up many individual parts of the body, those in which we feel cold or pain.

price: 12 zł      


Round Hand Heater (10,5 cm)

Its small size and longer heating period make it handy and comfortable to take everywhere and use to heat the body on cold winter days. Each of these compresses can also be used cold to treat bruises, contusions, toothaches, etc.

price: 25 zł      


Large Hand Heater (10 cm x 9,5 cm)

Just right for heating up cold hands. Produces strong heat. Can be used like the small hand heater. Effectively defrosts frozen car lock in winter. Indispensable for children when they get cold in the snow, such as during a skiing or sleighing trip etc. You can take it to work with you and use to bring relief to tense neck and shoulder muscles.

price: 25 zł      


Cover for Hand Heater

price: 10 zl       


Heart-shaped Ear Heater (10 cm x 10 cm)

The nice shape of this compress makes it a pleasant and warm present for everyone. When used with a special cover it will help you heat up your ears during work in difficult weather conditions, it will also heat them up when they are painful.

price: 25 zł      


Cover for Ear Heater

price: 10 zl       


Knee Heater (19 cm x 14 cm)

Sufficiently big and comfortable in shape. Designed mainly to use on knee joints. However, can also be efficiently used to heat up other joints and body parts. Easy to take for a journey because it easily fits into a small bag and can serve as the source of pleasant, soothing heat at any time: in the car, at work, in a tent, etc.

price: 35 zł      


Cover for Knee Heater

price: 15 zl       


Feet Heaters (children 32-35, women 36-39, men 40-43)

Specially shaped compresses to fit the feet. Can be put into the shoes or socks and used while walking. Ideal for those who have a problem with cold, freezing feet. The compresses heat up the feet and stimulate blood circulation so effectively that the feet will stay warm long after MT stops producing heat.
Thanks to the feet heater we can keep the feet warm in all circumstances and even during the most severe conditions. By heating up the feet one heats up the whole body. The heaters are good for skiers, mountain climbers, and geologists.

price: 48 zl, 49 zl, 50 zł      


Mask-shaped Face Heater

A warming-up compress for the face. Can be used on its own as well as together with cosmetics. Its use with creams considerably increases their effect. It makes face care much easier and cures different facial skin problems like dry or oily seborrhoea, premature flabbing, etc.
The heating mask can be used at home as well as in beauty shops. Its regular use prevents premature ageing of the face skin, eases smoothening of wrinkles, restores skin tone and elasticity.

price: 59 zł      


Heating "Goggles"

They warm up the forehead and the area around the eyes. Good for problems with sinuses. As a cold compress they help remove swelling around the eyes caused by lack of sleep. They also ease migraine pains. Like the mask, they can be used for cosmetic purposes.

price: 35 zł      


Cover for "Goggles"

price: 10 zl       


Neck Heater (47 cm x 30 cm)

One of the biggest compresses. Keeps warm up to 2 hours. Fit for heating up the shoulders and neck. Its pleasant heat perfectly eases tense muscles and alleviates pains in the neck. Due to its universal shape it can be used for knee joints, feet, back, etc.

price: 79 zł      


Cover for Neck Heater

price: 35 zl       


Heating Pillow (38 cm x 32 cm)

It is created by joining two segments of the back heater size. Big enough to warm up larger parts of the body, e.g. the whole back. One can also sit on it. The pillow will bring relief from haemorrhoid pains and other ailments.

price: 100 zł      


Cover for Heating Pillow

price: 35 zl       


Back Heater (38 cm x 16 cm)

The most universal one. Can be used to heat up the lower back as well as the whole spine. Indispensable aid for radicular pains, rheumatic pains, and neuralgia. An effective alternative to heating plasters or paraffin.
Its big surface makes it possible to use as a wrap on all joints and even the shoulders. It keeps warm for more than one hour. It effectively warms the muscles before a massage session, training, or corrective exercise.
Brings relief after injury or trauma.
Very useful outdoors (sailing, diving, mountain climbing, etc.) to heat up larger surfaces of the body.
In winter it can also help remove a thick layer of ice from the car windows quickly and easily.

price: 55 zł      

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