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What Is Magic Therm compress?

Natural heat - an achievement of modern science.
A source of heat without electricity or batteries that can be applied in plenty of ways.

The heat that is always with you!

When to apply Magic Therm?

Magic Therm will help you recover quicker, remove pain and tiredness.
The soothing MT compresses will very quickly bring you relief from stress and tension.
Bioactive ingredients in your cosmetics or therapeutic ointments will be better absorbed by your body when heated with MT.
Use Magic Therm to warm up before a massage.
The heat of MT will help you get rid of excessive fat tissue faster.
The pleasant heat of MT will warm you up on a cold, rainy day.
Benefit from the heat of MT outdoors, when diving, skiing, camping, motor biking.
At home Magic Therm will help you heat up your bed, a baby-bottle, defrost the fridge or a frozen car lock.
By freezing MT you will get a cold compress that you have never had, one that will not lose its cold temperature as quickly as ordinary compresses.

One product, many uses!

How does MT work?

It's easy, quick and comfortable!

The secret of MT is an exothermic chemical reaction. You will set it in motion by gently bending the metal plate inside the compress. The liquid starts crystallizing and turns milky in color and the compress emits pleasant heat. The compress can be rubbed - then it becomes soft and elastic and can then easily be shaped to fit any part of the body.

Extremely simple, hygienic and safe!

Magic Therm keeps its warm temperature from 20 minutes even up to 2 hours, depending on its size and the outside conditions.

NOTE! By additional use of modern covers made of polyethylene foam - a perfect insulating material, you can keep it warm much longer.

How to "recharge" the MT unit

All you need is hot water and a linen cloth which will prevent the compress from sticking to the hot edges of the pot.
Wrap the used MT in the cloth and put into boiling water. Boil it until the crystals dissolve completely (until there are no ridges or lumps). It takes about 5-10 minutes. You can bend the compress in order to boil it even if it is stiff but you must be careful and gentle.

The heat of the boiling water melts the crystals inside MT and the product accumulates energy. This energy is stored and kept there even after MT cools down. After boiling, put MT on an even surface to cool it off.
While cooling do not shake the compress because it can crystallize. In order to cool it quicker you can put it into cold water, after that it is ready for use.

As soon as the reaction starts - after bending the metal plate, heat will be emitted again.

Again, again and again.

Cold MT

If you need to use a cold compress, put MT in its uncrystallized form into the fridge for some time or into the freezer for a few minutes. This way you will obtain a wonderful cold compress. If there is a need to keep it cold, you can store MT in the fridge (not in the freezer). This way you can always have the cold compress handy.
If you wish to use it as a warm compress after cooling it in the fridge, you must bring it up to room temperature first.
Then Magic Therm can be stored in the family first aid kit, in a drawer close to your bed, or in another convenient place, ready for use. It can also be stored in its crystallized form.

One simple "Click!" gives you nice and soothing warmth, always and everywhere.

Possible applications:

- locomotive organs' disorders
- neurological pains
- radicular pains
- menstruation pains
- rheumatic pains
- degenerative changes of spine and joints
- blood circulation problems
- colds
- sports medicine
- joints rehabilitation
- when the doctor recommends using compresses

Advertisement, gifts

Due to its novel character, Magic Therm can be a wonderful present. You can print different patterns on Magic Therm and in this way make it an interesting and effective means of advertisement.


Magic Therm can be cleaned easily with a regular dish washing liquid. The fabric covers should be hand-washed at 30 degrees.


The product has a 2-years warranty starting from the date of purchase. The warranty covers all possible manufacturing and workmanship defects.

Magic Therm is made of durable and solid PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) material. The package contains a solution of sodium acetate trihydrate. It is nontoxic and non-caustic, environmentally safe.

Do not open or pierce the package. If the package gets damaged, the liquid crystallizes immediately. The crystals are easily removable. Wash clothes and other fabrics as usual.

All our products can be purchased by mail order.

MT product is also widely used in veterinary medicine.


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