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Colloidal silver

Ag 100 Colloidal silver. Nature's wonderful antibiotic, killing 650 types of bacteria and viruses.

Acts similarly to antibiotics, it destroys micro organisms, accelerates the healing of damaged tissue, helps to treat bacterial, virus or mycotic infections, supports anti-inflammatory processes, stimulates elimination of toxins from the organism. It is safe, non-toxic and natural. It is recommended as an agent helping to treat influenza, pharyngitis, angina, staphylococcal and streptococcal infections, as well as mycotic and yeast infections
Colloidal silver:

•  antibiotic-like performance, 650 pathogenic micro organisms destroyed within 6 minutes

•  no possibility of germs developing resistance to colloidal silver.

The Incredible effectiveness of colloidal silver

Colloidal silver destroys more than 650 types of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and mycosis. Tests have proven the incredible speed of its performance. Within 5-6 minutes germs are killed. Isn't this a marvelous discovery? The unique features of colloid silver prevent pathogenic micro organisms from developing a resistance to silver particles, as can happen in the case of antibiotics.

Antibiotic alternative

More and more often doctors are unable to deal with new strains of viruses and bacteria. They unsuccessfully try to combat mycosis, candidosis and other parasites attacking our organism by means of antibiotics. We become weaker and weaker and our immunological system works less and less effectively. It is often said: " Scientists lack medicines to replace them with." Therefore a new proposition has been put forward that: "It would be a better policy to simply give up antibiotics altogether, in favour of drugs of a different kind." In this context it is worth to think about Colloidal Silver.

What is colloid silver?

Colloid silver consists of microscopic particle ions of silver floating in deionised water. The structure of a colloid is the same as one of the internal constitutional liquids, so its absorption is 90 to 100%. Colloid silver is non-toxic and causes no negative side effects. It allows good, beneficial bacteria to stay alive. It does not accumulate in the organism, but is excreted within a few days' time. It does not weaken the liver or irritate the digestive system.

How does colloid silver work?

As observed, it seeks by itself for bacteria inside the body, attracting them with its positive electric charge and destroys the enzymes necessary for their survival. It oxidizes (burns) anaerobic bacteria and viruses. For that reason it is referred to as a silver bullet. It does not attack at random, but chooses its target intelligently. Consequently, in almost one hundred years' time of research into colloid silver no pathogenic micro organisms resistant to the drug have ever been found to exist. Colloid silver also protects the immunological system and assists to its regeneration, at the same time creating in our body a protective system against pathogenic organisms. Additionally, colloid silver cleanses the whole organism from dead germs and the toxins they excrete. It helps to regulate digestion, allays skin infections and heals infected wounds. Acting this way, colloid silver proves more effective than standard antibiotics. We can use the drug when suffering from colds, influenza, running nose, pharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, and for difficulties in breathing caused by mucous residue in the bronchi. Colloidal silver also assists the treatment of quinsy and successfully cures more and more common mycoses and candidacies, such as candidacies of the vagina and nail ridges, mycoses of skin, nails, feet, hands or aphthae in the mouth. Colloid silver helps to heal wounds, burns and frostbite. It destroys bacteria simultaneously enhancing the regeneration of the damaged epidermis and preventing the appearance of scars. Colloidal silver is recommended to persons who are weakened, often sick, or suffering from chronic exhaustion. Some persons taking only one teaspoonful of this natural medicine a day experience a sudden surge of vitality and noticeable improvement in digestion and metabolism. Many people confirm that colloidal silver enhances the clarity and keenness of mind.

Highest quality and absolute safety of usage

Particles of colloidal silver can be observed only through an electronic microscope. The smaller a particle is, the more effective the colloid. The optimal size of silver particles is 1.5 to 5 nm in the concentration of 10 PPM). The producer guarantees the highest quality, effectiveness and safety of the medicine thanks to the proper concentration of silver particles and their proper size. Our Colloidal silver is produced in top quality laboratories, which are GMP approved and it contains the highest purity (99.999%). The usage of lower purity silver in the production of colloid can result in the presence of other, undesirable substances in the medicine. Other confection of different or undetermined parameters may not be as conducive to health.

Silver effective through the centuries

Germicidal properties of silver were used as long ago as the ancient times. Drinking from silver goblets or throwing a silver coin into milk or water prolonged their freshness. During the 14th century bubonic plague epidemic in Europe rich parents gave their children silver spoons to suck, this was to prevent them from contracting the disease. In 19th century Germany it was discovered that silver solution acts antiseptically in the case of eye inflammation, while avoiding irritation of mucous tissues. Even today the practice of keeping a silver spoon in the mouth to eliminate herpes still perpetuates. Colloid silver, known for over 90 years, is regarded as a natural medicine.
How to use colloid silver Colloidal silver can be used internally and externally - on the skin, to swill the throat and oral cavity, sinuses, vaginal irrigation and as an ingredient of an enema.

Internal use:

•  as a preventive measure: up to 1 teaspoonful daily (about 5 ml)

•  in colds, infections and flu: four times a day 1 teaspoonful (4x5 ml)

•  in lasting conditions: twice daily 1 teaspoonful (2x5 ml)

•  to enhance vitality: up to 6 teaspoonfuls daily (up to 30 ml)

External use:

Colloidal silver is used by applying directly onto the skin by means of cataplasms (antiseptic gauze soaked with Colloidal silver), spray, or simply by pouring the medicine on the pathologically changed skin a few times a day.

CAUTION! Do not expose the places rinsed with Colloidal silver to direct sunlight.


Not to be used for allergies to metallic silver.


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