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Aloes 1000ml

Aloes Aloe juice. Unique quality on the market.

The biological activity of our Aloes Aloe juice is guaranteed through an innovative, patent-pending process called TTS (Time, Temperature and Sanitation) - a process which encompasses every aspect of Aloe Vera from harvesting to processing. Aloes Aloe juice has been standardized to contain 10% of total biologically active polysaccharides, (it can guarantee a retention of the most biologically active polysaccharides, medium weight polysaccharides - those in the 50,000-100,000 mw or dalton range), assuring the consumer that Aloes Aloe juice has all the biological activity and therapeutic healing properties of the native Aloe Vera gel.

Top quality, certified organic aloe

- full spectrum, active polysaccharides (PS)

- the optimum amount of aloine

- produced in a patented TTS

- guaranteed, amount of the most active 50 -100 polysaccharides.

Aloes Aloe juice

- soothes irritations of the digestive system

- prevents constipation

- strengthens the whole organism

- removes inflammations

- excellently moisturises dry and chipping skin

- speeds up the healing of wounds

- contains an optimal amount of aloine thanks to modern production technology

Cooperation of 200 active agents

Aloe also contains large numbers of nutrients including vitamins E, C, B1, 2, 3, and 6 as well as iron, manganese, calcium and zinc. Seven essential amino acids and fatty acids are also found in Aloe. Aloe contains over 200 active substances showing incredible healing and nurturing properties. The most important of them are long aliphatic polysaccharides. They exert a great influence on living organisms, providing their proper functioning and rebuilding their natural defensive mechanisms. These unique polysaccharides act like a conductor of an orchestra for the other elements of aloe. They indicate the proper sequence of action to the remaining constituents and modulate their reactions, creating a synergic mechanism. They are considered the strongest vegetable immunomodulators.

Amino Acids: Alanine, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Glutamic Acid, Glycine, Cystine, Hydroxyproline, Isoleucine, Histidine, Leucine, Lysine, Phenylalanine, Methionine, Threonine, Tyrosine, Proline, Valine Carbohydrates: Arabinose, Galactose, Glucose, Mannose, Xylose Polysaccharides; Acemannan Enzymes: Bradykininase, Minerals: Calcium, Chlorine, Copper, Germanium, Iron, Manganese, Magnesium Lactate, Potassium, Silicon, Sodium, Sulphur Organic Acids: ChrysophanicAcid, Cinnamic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Succinic Acid, Uric Acid Quinones: Anthraquinones, Barbaloin, Isobarbaloin Vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B6, C, Choline Other: Resitannol, Resin, Ethereal Oil, Aloenin

All 3 types of active polysaccharides (PS): small, medium, and long chain

Aloe Vera contains a large number of polysaccharides (basic sugars) which are found in every cell in the body. Three types of active polysaccharides (PS) Small Chain PS: Helps reduce inflammation and balances insulin production. Medium Chain PS: Anti-pathogenic (helps fight viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites) Long Chain PS: Helps increase T-cell and macrophage activity and boost production of tumour necrosis factor for tumour breakdown. Aloes Aloe juice has been standardized to contain 10% of the total biologically active polysaccharides.

The unique highest quality of Aloe as confirmed by the IASC

Our aloe juice received a quality certificate issued by the International Aloe Science Council. The certificate is a term of regard awarded by the international body of experts. It is a symbol of purity and highest quality of the product. The logo certifies that our product underwent a series of strict professional tests and audits. The IASC certificate is the only guarantee of highest quality of aloe products regarded on the world market.

Why is the production process of aloe juice so important?

Scientists conducting research into this unusual plant admit unanimously that it owes its greatest biological activity to polysaccharides of great molecular mass. Traditional methods of aloe production do not allow for obtaining long polysaccharide chains. During the production they break into shorter chains of smaller molecular mass. Therefore, a different method of aloe juice production was searched, which would hamper the breaking up of molecular chains, and by that enhance the therapeutic qualities of aloe juice. After a few years of research and experiments scientists established a productive method enabling to obtain aloe juice containing polysaccharides of the desirable molecular mass. Owing to that fact, the juice displays the highest biological activity. The method of aloe juice production was patented as TTS (Time, Temperature and Sanitation). It allows for obtaining juice of a high active polysaccharide content. TTS is also a guarantee of the highest quality juice because of each production level being subject to stringent regulations and quality control. Buying our juice you can be sure of having chosen the aloe juice of highest quality.

Fascinating plant

Thousands of years ago the inhabitants of northern Africa and Asia Minor became fascinated by a plant called aloe. They observed wild animals greedily devouring nutritious flesh hidden under the skin of the aloe leaf. They also noticed that the plant can survive lengthy periods of draught while still looking healthy and beautiful. They discovered that it has precious medical properties and it heals wounds, alleviates inflammations, kills pains, regenerates and strengthens the organism, and works as an antibiotic. Thus it is found written on Sumerian tablets (Sumer people inhabited what is now Iraq) and Egyptian papyrus that we find the earliest descriptions of the oldest aloe treatments. They are as old as 4 thousand years.

Why does it work so quickly and effectively?

Thanks to the proper consistence our aloe juice is absorbed very quickly. It does so 4 times quicker than water. It immediately penetrates the skin, mucous tissues and muscle. Furthermore, its elements are bio available, easily recognised and accepted by the organism. Our cells can choose from the abundance of the constituents of the juice, the elements that they need for healing. The whole process of recovery and regeneration takes place on the basic cell metabolism level.

Aloe juice is recommended to people suffering from:

- Weakness, lack of resistance, mineral and vitamin deficiency, Aloe juice provides vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed, it strengthens the immunological system by stimulating lymphocyte production and enhancing phagocytosis. It adds strength.

- Digestive system diseases, constipation, diarrhoea, inflammations of the oral cavity, intestines and stomach ulcers it regulates the secretion of muriatic acid and pepsin, it normalises stomach pH on 5 5.5 level; it destroys micro organisms causing inflammation, stimulates digestion and clears the intestines.

- Skin infections, mycoses, candidosis, eczemas, boils, hard to heal wounds, burns and frostbite, it destroys bacteria and pathogenic fungi; it stimulates cellular growth, alleviates pain and swelling, reduces bleeding and speeds up the healing process. Used internally it purifies the blood and the whole organism from mucous and candidosis, which poison the system.

- Problems with dry and sensitive skin moisture, Aloe juice absorbs 4 times quicker than water, it contains substances that keep a high level of moisture for a long period of time (as it happens in the arid desert climate). It additionally improves the skins blood supply, strengthens the blood vessels and prevents them from cracking. It also serves as a natural antibacterial deodorant.

- Some allergies: nose catarrh (it alleviates inflammations and swelling of mucous tissues), diarrhea (it stops it), eczema (it nutrifies the skin, moisturizing it; it prevents dangerous infections and cures the existing ones, it alleviates itching and removes inflammation)

- Diabetes - it reduces the sugar level in the blood

- Sclerosis - it widens and cleanses blood vessels.

The application of aloe juice

Aloe juice can be taken daily in the amount of 50ml (5 teaspoonfuls). The dose may be divided into 2 or 3 portions and taken 2 or 3 times a day preferably 1 hour before a meal. Aloe juice may be also applied directly onto the skin.


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