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NONIvita 100% Noni fruit juice

NONIvita. Your energy and strength of noni exotic fruit. 100% noni juice.

NONIvita from the noni fruit ensures biological regeneration of the organism on a cellular level. It strengthens the organism and increases vitality. It contains serotonin, also called a hormone of happiness, which protects against depression, migraine's and stabilizes moods. NONIvita is recommended in cases of fatigue, increased activity or during convalescence. Hawaii Noni fruits have the unique mixture of minerals (Fe, Cu, Mg, P) vitamins (C, B1, B2) and biologically active substances (proxeronine, scopolatine). Our juice is produced by the traditional Hawaiian approved FDA method that allows the juice to be preserved.

•  is a real enzyme bomb

•  strengthens the organism

•  increases vitality

•  improves the mental and physical capacity of the whole organism

•  fortifies the immunological system

•  regenerates damaged cells

•  helps in the fight against cancer

•  is an excellent recovery assistant

•  regenerates skin and hair

•  brings remarkable results in the treatment of mind troubles and depression, it contains melatonine and the "happy hormone": serotonine.

NONIvita is working against the side effects of civilisation Noni juice is an ideal, nature provided answer to contemporary human health problems, such as stress, depression, weakness, bad moods, migraines, hypertension, diabetes, constipation or bone and joint system impairment. Noni juice is an enzymatic and protein bomb. American and Japanese scientists have confirmed its unique analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties. It also purifies the organism, increases immunological resistance, energizes, regenerates skin and hair, improves metabolism and strengthens the psyche.

NONIvita - 100% unique noni juice On Hawaii and the islands of Polynesia there grows a small bush-tree called noni. It is permanently green and bears fruit all year long, so its fruit can be picked as many as 14 times a year. Noni is the only plant in the world, which simultaneously blooms and yields fruit in natural conditions. It was discovered, quite by accident, by Dr Ralph Heinicke in the 1980-s. Because of its exceptional contents, the plant is widely used in the prevention and treatment of many diseases.

The best Morinda citrifolia research was conducted at the University of Hawaii. Dr Anne Hirazumi Kim demonstrated that noni fruit juice has an anti-tumor effect. Noni fruit juice stimulated the branch of the immune system that destroyed tumor cells. Noni juice has gained a remarkable popularity all over the world, as it helps to regain health, vitality and peace of mind. Persons who have drunk it claim that it "supplied them with an unimaginable dose of energy", "improves the quality of life", "changes life for the better", "gives a chance of regaining health, even to those who have lost hope". With NONIvita you will regain hope and strength.

The juice from the paradise islands growing on the lava NONIvita is squashed from the noni fruit which grows on the fabulous, sun drenched Hawaiian Islands. Our unique noni juice is produced using organic noni fruit grown in rock lava fields. Lava is an extra powerful source of minerals and microelements, what makes it the best environment for noni to grow in?. No fertilizers can be compared to rock lava soil. In this paradise on earth a rich, volcanic soil is to be found. It is this fertile soil, pure water and air which make noni fruit gain its unique quality. Although morinda citrifalia (noni) grows also in other parts of the world, nowhere does it contain such a wide range of nourishing proteins, enzymes, hormones, vitamins and minerals.

Our concern in regard to the highest quality and safety The exquisite Hawaiian conditions add to the growth and ripening of noni fruit, which in turn harvest the essence of noni juices miraculous properties. Some producers manufacture the juice from fruit growing in Samoa or Tahiti, where in the course of the last 30 years 200 nuclear tests have been performed, which can influence the food grown in that region and thus endanger its consumers. NONIvita is produced from perfect quality fruit. However, this fruit festers very easily. It is necessary, therefore, to preserve the juice. We chose a natural method of preservation, used by the Hawaiian natives for many years which is known as pasteurisation. The method is recommended by the Food and Drug Administration. NONI fruit juice does not contain any preservatives or additives. NONIvita is 100% top quality juice. It has world quality certificates. NONIvita noni juice is acclaimed as an immunological miracle
According to the survey by Neil Salomon, a medicine and physics doctor, noni juice has gained recognition at the medical market as an immunological miracle. As many as 78% of the 10000's of patients using noni juice claimed that the juice helped them in some way. This was true mainly for complaints like: cancer, heart disease, digestion problems, diabetes, immunological disturbance, weight problems and skin and hair problems.

How can noni help so many people suffering from such a wide range of health problems? Tests show that noni stimulates the immunological system, regulates cell functions and quickens the regeneration of damaged cells. It has the ability to act at the basic cell level, which can account for noni being useful in such a wide range of health complaints. Doctor Richard Dicks from a New Jersey clinic says "We are beginning to realize that we must come back to the basis on which our organisms function. Noni saves our organisms by supplying us with the nutrients we need and which our body can turn to the proper account "

NONIvita usage: Noni juice is recommended to be taken systematically, 4 teaspoons twice daily, about 0.5 hours before a meal. 40 ml, i.e. 8 teaspoons a day should not be exceeded. Noni can and even should be drunk for an extended period of time, even up to 6 months. Some people experience a considerable improvement of their general state after a few months of using the medicine.


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