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Sibgerian Fir Oil

Sibgerian Fir Oil - From the Siberian white bark fir tree - the Tree of Health – is your unfailing remedy for colds and running nose

Siberian Fir Oil - Abies Sibirica Ledeb. Siberian fir needle oil, a natural antibiotic, has been used for hundreds of years in the far East as a cure for respiratory infections, influenza, sore throats, colds, muscular pains and joint pains. It contains fitocydes which mainly contribute to its antibiotic action. It contains vitamins : A,E,K and the hormone Youth AJ(u)G-1. It is one of the few essential oils, which can be taken internally. In Russia it is registered as medical drug and in Great Britain as a herbal remedy and in few other European countries as a dietary supplement. We offer the best quality Siberian fir needle oil, extracted from selected Siberian fir trees, that grow in intact, untouched regions of Siberia. Young shoots of selected Siberian fir trees contain the most precious medicinal elements. It is only from them that the top quality oil can be obtained. An absolutely natural method of steam distillation is used for extracting the oil. In this way all the precious substances are retained, including fitocydes and plant hormones. Furthermore, our fir oil has the highest quality rate A and the highest bornyle acetate content - a pharmaceutical grade of 36%.
Siberian Fir Oil:

•  acts antiphlogistically

•  regenerates

•  soothes

Siberian Fir Oil fights:

•  upper air passage infection

•  colds

•  influenza

•  rheumatic pains

The legendary effectiveness of Siberian Fir Oil

The knowledge of Siberian Fir Oil reaches thousands of years back. Numerous folk legends describe its unusual properties. One of them tells about a Mongolian prince Dalay Tabib. The ruler suffered from sores all over his body, which wouldn't heal. No herbs, no medicinal roots or wild fruit roots were able to help him. One day, a stranger from the north appeared at the court. After a short conversation he announced that he knew a cure for the ruler's disease. It was unusual oil, called Golden Crystal.

It came from the young shoots of a huge tree with a thick, smooth trunk, growing in the forest of the far north. He told them that the needles of this tree were as dense as the feathers of an eagle and had healing power. In the stranger's fatherland people had been using them for centuries, making a balm out of them. There were no wrinkles on their bodies thanks to using the balm. 'How old are you?' asked the prince, looking at the stranger's smooth face. 'I have lived for as many years as there are beads in your necklace' came the amazing answer. Everybody was utterly surprised. It was widely known, that there were always 180 beads in the ruler's necklace! 'Say more, o long-lived one!' Dalay Tabib exclaimed. Though he was twice younger than the newcomer, he actually looked older - his face was covered in the network of numerous lines. 'There is a lot of precious resin in the needles of the tree' the stranger continued 'but the most precious ingredient is the oil from the fir needles- Golden Crystal. The wanderer showed them a transparent elixir, glistening like gold, wrapped in silk and closed in a crystal ball. It seemed that the Sun and the Moon shone together in it.

The ruler opened the ball and a scent of wood spread around the whole court. The guest remained at the court and willingly told about the ways in which this wonderful elixir should be used. At the prince's request court scribes carefully noted every word. Soon there was great joy, as the Golden Crystal healed the ruler's wounds. Dalay Tabib started to walk, looked younger and his wrinkles smoothed out. Satisfied, he generously rewarded the wanderer, who safely returned home.

Mobilizing to fight the disease

Tests have shown that Siberian Fir Oil contains an abundance of medicinal substances, among which there are large quantities of curative fitocydes, which have a beneficial influence on human health. Fitocydes are natural substances with antibacterial, antimucotic and antiviral properties. They stimulate the human immunological system and mobilize it to fight disease

Forest doctor

The medicinal power of Siberian Fir Oil comes directly from nature. Siberian Fir Oil is often called the "forest doctor." It has a number of unique properties, it shows strong antiphlogistic and analgesic effects (which are particularly important in treating upper air passage catarrh). It cleanses the body from toxic substances and relieves the symptoms of rheumatism (including arthritis). Siberian Fir Oil supports antibiotic therapy, antimucotic and antiviral treatment. It acts antiseptically and promotes expectoration. It is recommended in cases of rheumatism. It allays inflammatory states and pains of different origins. It enhances the immunology, improves metabolism and the general state of the organism.

Top Quality of Siberian Fir Oil

Our Siberian Fir Oil is of the top quality, obtained exclusively from carefully selected young shoots of Siberian fir, growing only in ecologically pure regions of the Far East. These are the 30 centimeter young shoots which contain the most precious medicinal elements. It is only from them that the top quality oil can be obtained. An absolutely natural method is used for obtaining the oil, which consists of using steam distillation. Thanks to this method all the precious substances are retained, including fitocydes and plant hormones. Furthermore, our Oil has the highest quality rate A and the highest bornyle acetate content of 36% (this element determines the quality of a confection by its quantity dissolved in the oil). Our Siberian Fir Oil belongs to the top quality natural confection. .

Siberian Fir Oil is safe, as it contains exclusively natural components, which are beneficial to the human body. A real, genuine Siberian Fir Oil does not contain any artificial additives like aromatic substances, preservatives, fillers or colourants. Our Siberian Fir Oil is a 100% natural product.

Siberian Fir Oil for catarrh Fighting catarrh with pharmacology we risk the unpleasant feeling of dryness of nose tissue and the necessity of frequent applications of a given medicine, and it usually works for no longer than one hour after application. Siberian Fir Oil works differently. It brings permanent relief from acute catarrh of the upper air passages. It works quickly and effectively not only in the case of coryza, but also in colds, muscle and bone pains.
Choose the best way for yourself Siberian Fir Oill has a great advantage: it can be used in a variety of ways. It can be:

•  drunk, showing powerful and speedy antiphlogistic action

•  applied on painful spots on the body

•  added to a bath, bringing relief in the first symptoms of a cold, also warming us when we come back home freezing. It will also provide relaxation and slackening of tense muscles

•  added in small amounts to air freshener devices, it purifies the air and destroys harmful bacteria, stimulating our immunological system while pervading our house with a wonderful smell of the evergreen forest

•  sprayed over decorative fabrics in the home, removing unpleasant odors (does not stain the cloth)


Generally, it is recommended to take 5 to 20 drops daily, added to a teaspoon of juice or honey. It is also advisable to use Siberian Fir Oil externally, applied on the skin, added to creams, shampoos, balms, inhaled or contained in cataplasms and aromatic baths. Active elements of Siberian Fir Oil are not disintegrated by digestive enzymes, thanks to which they penetrate into the blood and then to the affected place within the body. They are secreted within 48 hours after ingestion.


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