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Sea Bucthorn Oil 50ml

Sea Bucthorn Oil From the Siberian pineapple fruit

It is packed with carotenoids, tocopherols, rare fatty acids and phytosterols, giving it synergistic power to protect cell membranes and enhance cell regeneration.

Oil of sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) is not a new thing. It has been used for a long time in Asia for treating various skin conditions. Its effectivity is based on a combination of lipophilic compounds, working synergistically to protect and regenerate stressed skin cells and other organs. All these beneficial compounds are derived from the berry of the seabuckthorn bush, which originally grew in ecologically pure regions of Siberia. Such conditions are conducive for Siberian plant life, which is lush, varied and unique for this region. Therefore our Sea Buckthorn Oil contains many carotenoids 189 mg per 100g.

Natural production Sea buckthorn oil is obtained using a traditional method of diffusion pressing. During the process a thick intensive orange color liquid appears which has a characteristic taste and smell. This natural method of pressing allows for obtaining a very high quality product, with an exceptionally high, 98% pure fruit oil content. Furthermore, the method guarantees that none of the beneficial constituents are lost. Our Sea Buckthorn Oil does not contain any preservatives or artificial colouring. It is a 100% pure product.

What Nutrients Does Sea Buckthorn Oil Contain? According to Russian and Chinese scientists, sea buckthorn contains 190 bio-active components of which 106 are in the oil. The oil is the best single source known to man for Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Beta-carotene, unsaturated fatty acids, essential amino acids and flavonoids.

High natural Vitamin E (D-Alfa- toxopherol) is in sea buckthorn oil:

•  The vitamin E content in Sea buckthorn oil is two times higher than wheat oil, 9 times higher than corn oil and 35 times higher than soybean oil. D-a-tocopherol (the most potent vitamin E form) is the major form of vitamin E in sea buckthorn oil.

Ideal Essential Fatty Acids Profile:

•  More than ninety percent of the total fatty acids are unsaturated fatty acids. Seabuckthorn oil contains Omega-3 (28-30%), Omega-6 (36-40%) and Omega-9 (17-20%) oil.

Trace Minerals:

•  Sea buckthorn contains 11 out of 14 essential trace minerals. It contains: magnesium, potassium, sodium.


•  Flavonoids are a group of pigments that contribute to the color of many fruits. Researchers later found that they are useful in the prevention of many health conditions. The flavonoids in Seabuckthorn are used to maintain healthy cholesterol and heart.

What is the Main Application of Sea Buckthorn Oil?

Support healthy mucous in the stomach:

- Sea buckthorn oil is an ideal remedy in supporting healthy gastrointestinal mucous when used internally. Topical applications of sea buckthorn oil help to support normal skin functions during irritated conditions.

Maintains a healthy cholesterol profile and heart conditions:

- The flavonoids isolated from sea buckthorn oil can support a healthy cholesterol profile. One study from China showed total cholesterol declined from 238 ± 79mg% to 180 ± 36mg% in 77 patients. The HDL (the good cholesterol) increased from 56.5 ± 13mg% to 86.8 ± 28mg% in the same patients.

Anti-oxidants and balancing the immune system:

- Sea buckthorn oil contains substantial amounts of vitamin E, C, A, K, Beta-carotene, and essential fatty acids. These nutrients are considered the most potent anti-oxidative agents. Dr. Diandong Li found that sea buckthorn increased the activity of interleukin-2 and the number of T-cells.

Usage: Sea Buckthorn Oil can be used both internally and externally.
Internal use:

From 5 drops to one teaspoonful daily during a meal, depending on the type of treatment. It is best to take the oil directly, or mixed with yoghurt, kefir, or sour milk.
External use:

Can be used for smearing the affected areas or swilling the throat, and also in the oral cavity in the form of cataplasms as an ingredient of skin and hair masks.
For enemas (1 teaspoonful per 0.5 litre of cooled boiled water). The oil can also be mixed with creams, balms and baby oil.
For the best results it is advisable to combine external and internal application.
Stomach and duodenum ulcer treatment and large intestine disease treatment.
Sea buckthorn oil is recommended to be taken 5 drops to 1 teaspoonful, 30 minutes before a meal. The treatment allays pain and enhances the healing of tissue erosion and ulcers. During the treatment proper feeding is important, which should not burden the stomach (easily digestible, light meals). Exertion is inadvisable, as well as intense stress, smoking and alcohol. The treatment should last for about 3 weeks. In some cases of intestine disease it is also worth considering an enema.


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